Explore The Beauty and Charm of The Alnwick Garden

  • Explore The Beauty and Charm of The Alnwick Garden

    The Alnwick Garden - Area Guide

Your Guide to The Alnwick Garden

Nestled just off the A1 in the village of Alnwick lies The Alnwick Garden, a truly magical destination that should not be missed. As soon as you enter the garden gates, you’ll be entranced by its beauty, particularly the stunning Grand Cascade water feature that shimmers in the sunshine. But this garden is more than just a pretty sight, and it boasts a plethora of attractions to keep you entertained for an entire day.

Visitor Information At The Alnwick Garden: Parking And Tickets

Ready to experience the natural beauty and wonders of the Alnwick Garden?

Admission costs:

 Booked in advance:

  • Adults – £16
  • Concessions* – £15
  • Children 0-16 – free


  • Adults – £18
  • Concessions* – £17
  • Children 0-16 – free

When it comes to parking, there’s no need to worry. There’s a large car park available on site that costs £3 for your day’s visit, whilst blue-badge holders can park for free.

*Includes students with valid ID, visitors aged 60+, and adults with additional needs who require a carer.

Places To Eat In And Around Alnwick Garden

After a fun-filled day exploring the wonders of the Alnwick Garden, you’re sure to have worked up an appetite.

Nestled within The Alnwick Garden itself is The Treehouse Restaurant, a fairytale-like eatery set high in the treetops. Other great options include The Hogs Head Inn, a charming pub that serves up classic British fare, and the sophisticated Plough Restaurant that focusses on rustic produce.

Whether you’re in the mood for casual dining or something a little more upscale, there’s something nearby Alnwick Garden to suit every taste and budget.

Explore The Enchanting Ornamental Garden

If you’re going to the Alnwick Gardens then you have to visit the Ornamental Garden. As you walk through the Venetian gates atop the Grand Cascade, you’ll be transported to an outstanding little area, brimming with so many different, exotic plants and flowers from across the globe. The garden’s intricate planting pattern creates a stunning view that’s complemented by the lovely pathways that wind throughout, offering the sweet scent of lavender and fruit trees. Right in the middle of the Ornamental Garden is a bubbling pool that runs throughout the garden, and alongside it are droves of gorgeous roses and other vibrant flowers. Take a seat on one of the many benches, pack a picnic, and immerse yourself in the stunning surroundings that make the Alnwick Garden an unforgettable destination.

Take A Plunge At The Grand Cascade

It’s been mentioned a couple of times in this guide, and the Grand Cascade is a major attraction of these gardens. With its stunning beauty and captivating water displays that occur every half hour, this iconic feature is a true marvel of human engineering and creativity. The Grand Cascade has not one, not two, but four different displays that occur at random, providing a thrilling and unforgettable experience every time. Many people enjoy visiting the gardens and making it their mission to see if they can witness all four displays in one day – an activity that’s bound to impress all of the family.

Take A Stroll In The Serpent Garden

Get ready to be even more amazed at The Alnwick Garden, where the Serpent Garden is just another one of the many exciting features waiting for you to discover. Take a stroll across the Cascade and you’ll find yourself in the oasis, with its towering hedges and winding paths that lead you to a variety of captivating water features. Explore this winding garden and discover the hidden water feature inside, but be warned – you will get wet! Nothing will stop your little ones from splashing you, so bring some waterproof clothes!

Explore Alnwick Gardens’s Woodland Walk

The Woodland Walk epitomises everything that’s great about the Alnwick Gardens. Amongst all the flowers and foliage, this walk gives a little countryside feel to the place. Don’t miss the breathtaking Cherry Orchard, boasting the world’s largest collection of ‘Taihaku’ with 329 trees that all bloom together for up to two weeks around the end of April and the beginning of May. And, be sure to check out the captivating Bamboo Labyrinth, created with over 500 bamboo plants, the labyrinth offers visitors a one-way maze of bamboo. Not many public gardens can boast of being so diverse. There are loads of sculpture exhibitions to see when you’re on this walk, as well as some beautiful wildlife.

The Poison Garden: Enter At Your Peril

Dare to enter the Poison Garden, one of the Alnwick Garden’s most intriguing and dangerous attractions. Behind the black iron gates, you’ll discover a garden unlike any other, with over 100 toxic plant species that have the power to kill you! These species include monkshood, ricin, and the laburnum tree, which is the second most poisonous tree in the UK. In fact, the tree’s branches remain toxic for months because they contain cytisine. This garden is not for the faint-hearted and is only accessible to the public through a guided tour – enter at your own peril.

Alnwick Garden butterfly

Wildlife And Events At The Alnwick Garden

As well as being full of beautiful foliage, the Alnwick Gardens are home to lots of wildlife. And you’ll find various nest boxes, insect hotels and habitat piles in and around Alnwick Garden. Look out for woodpeckers, starlings, and cuckoos in the woodland areas. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a red squirrel darting among the trees!

The Alnwick Garden offers a set of educational sessions as part of The Drugs Education Programme to make young people more aware of the risks of drugs, and every Monday and Thursday at 2 pm the garden also hosts a Historical Tour that details the history of Alnwick Garden from 1755 onwards. But that’s not all – throughout the summer, Heartbreak Productions presents open-air performances like “Bad Dad” and “Sense and Sensibility”, making it an ideal family activity for a warm summer evening.

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The Alnwick Gardens are more than just a garden. It’s a unique place to visit, and you must take the time to explore all the amazing features. Start planning your trip now, by booking one of our apartments.