• The Cheviots - Area Guide

An Area Full of Hidden Delights

The Cheviots is a name given to a group of hills in the northern area of the Northumberland National Park. They’re seen as an iconic piece of the landscape. Many years ago, the Cheviots were formed by a cooling of lava. This gave them a distinctive rounded look, which is what they’re known for today. To any old person, the thought of a few round hills isn’t exciting at all. But, for those in the know, the Cheviot Hills provide endless amounts of fun. They’re full of hidden delights, and there are secrets waiting to be found. To make the most out of your Cheviots experience, you should read the guide below:

Linhope Spout Waterfall

While exploring the Cheviots, you’ll come across the most dramatic waterfall. Linhope Spout pours 18 meters down a glorious rock face into a plunge pool below. It’s the perfect place for a bit of waterfall diving. Jump off the cliff edge and engulf yourself in the shimmering pool below. In truth, you can spend half the day having fun here, especially when the weather’s nice. If you want a more relaxed water experience, then make the short walk to the hidden ponds of Wooler Common. It’s here that you’ll find some beautiful wildlife tucked away in its natural habitat.

Linhope Spout Waterfall - The Cheviots
The Cheviot - Northumberland's highest point

Walk To Northumberland’s Highest Point

The Cheviot is known for being the highest point in all of Northumberland. Anyone that visits these hills has to try and reach the summit. It makes for a perfect long walk, and you’ll find plenty of fellow ramblers on your way. In fact, there are plenty of amazing walking routes in this area. You could spend some time walking between two countries. The Border Ridge walk will take you across to Scotland and is well worth the journey.

College Valley Mountain Biking & Horse Riding

Many people consider College Valley to be one of the gems of the National Park. It’s a place you’ll miss unless you’re told to go looking for it in the Cheviots. In ancient times, it used to be home to droves of cattle that made their way through there. Now, the old cattle paths are perfect for mountain bikers and horse riders. If you’re looking for an amazing cycle path, then this is the place to go. Not only does it have great scenery, but it’s also a bit of a challenge. Definitely something to put on every cyclist’s to-do-list.

Wildlife & Birdwatching

The Cheviots are home to so many species of bird, and a load of wildlife. A walk and paddle though Breamish Valley will treat you to a variety of colorful birds that chirp away all day. And, if you’re lucky, you might see an otter or two in Harthope Valley. Both of these valleys are ideal for people that want to experience nature first-hand. Plus, they’re perfect venues for a picnic in the sun.

You’ll find there’s a lot more than meets the eye with the Cheviots. Amongst these hills are so many hidden wonders just waiting to be discovered.