Your Guide to Embleton, Northumberland

  • Your Guide to Embleton, Northumberland

A Small Village with a lot to Offer

The small village of Embleton is located a short way from the glorious Northumberland coast. It’s a tourism magnet and has been growing in popularity over the years. The main reason people travel here is because of the beautiful Embleton Bay. It’s a stunningly sandy beach that goes on for miles. But, it also happens to be a village full of ancient history, making it very traditional and stunning. Any time spent in Embleton is guaranteed to be full of fun and laughs. There’s something for everyone; you won’t struggle to find things to do. As such, here’s a guide to the top things to do in this small village:

Walk Along The Beach

As mentioned earlier, Embleton Bay is the main attraction in this area. It’s a sandy beach with a sheltered bay and beautiful rock pools. The bay is just a short walk away from the village, so you don’t have to worry about transport. One of the highlights is that it’s so unpopulated and safe. You’ll never run into trouble, making it perfect for kids. Take a walk along this vast beach and you’ll see some iconic sites. Embleton itself is one of the best bases for walking. You have access to so many routes along the bay and can visit some other areas like the glorious Low Newton.

Embleton Bay walk

Historic Attractions: Embleton Tower

Embleton Tower is a well-preserved 14th-century tower house located in the heart of Embleton Village, Northumberland. The tower has been inhabited by various notable families throughout history, including the Heron and Grey families. Today, the tower is owned by the National Trust and has been carefully restored to offer visitors a glimpse into life in mediaeval times. The tower's impressive structure, including its thick walls and vaulted ceilings, is a testament to the skill of its original builders. It's definitely worth a visit for anyone interested in history and architecture, offering an immersive experience of mediaeval life and a unique perspective on the heritage of Northumberland.

Visit Dunstanburgh Castle

The ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle make for a brilliant backdrop to Embleton Bay. It’s a castle that’s rich with history and dates back to 1313. It’s a brilliant place to visit if you want to make the most out of your stay in Embleton. The ruins are a beauty to behold, and it looks brilliant on the coastline.

Dunstanburgh Castle Golf Course

Visit Dunstanburgh Castle Golf Course

A huge attraction of Embleton is its sublime golf course. The Dunstanburgh Castle Golf Course has 18 holes and some of the best views you’ll ever see. Seriously, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more picturesque golf setting. It’s a challenging golf course so any serious golfers will have fun trying to achieve par there. And, even if you’re a complete newbie, it’s a fun place to spend the day. Play a few rounds of golf and end your day walking back to the clubhouse and taking in the sunset, perfect!

Embleton Bay

Embleton Bay is an excellent place for you to enjoy some watersports. With the right weather conditions, it’s perfect for surfing and windsurfing. There’s a place for you to hire some boards if you didn’t come prepared too. The quietness of the beach makes it ideal for a relaxing day of surfing.

Embleton bay

Take In The Wildlife

One of the best things about Embleton and Northumberland is that there’s so much wildlife. A quick walk along the sand dunes will give you a chance to spot so many varieties of bird. It’s an excellent place for birdwatchers and wildlife lovers to enjoy.

With all these things to do, it’s good that Embleton also boasts plenty of restaurants and shops. You’ll always find somewhere to unwind after your jam-packed day of fun.