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Beadnell Bay For Your Next Holiday

Beadnell is a picturesque  village nestled on the north-east coast of Northumberland.  It is known for its scenic location on the coast, with miles of unspoiled beaches and picturesque countryside. The area is popular with outdoor enthusiasts, as it offers a wide range of activities such as hiking, biking, and watersports.

Whether you’re looking for a week-long stay packed full of adventure, or simply just a weekend getaway – Beadnell has got something for everyone. And we’re sure you’ll enjoy your stay with us in one of our luxury 1-bed holiday apartments.

Relax Down At The Beach

What better way to relax and unwind than by spending a day at the beach? One of the main attractions of Beadnell is its two miles of pristine golden sand beaches at Beadnell Bay. You can spend day after day getting sun-kissed at this stunning spot, walking the length of the shoreline, taking a dip in the water or enjoying the watersports.

Beadnell Bay is very popular for surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and paddleboarding. You’ll often spot locals out in the surf!

Beadnell beach
close up of Beadnell Town

Eat, Drink, And Play In Beadnell Town

Beadnell Bay has something for everyone, and there are plenty of choices when it comes to places to eat and drink. Thanks to the location’s proximity to the sea, Beadnell Bay is especially popular for seafood. Why not finish off your beach walk with some local fish and chips at Bait at Beadnell? or instead indulge in some pub grub and a pint at The Craster Arms. We recommend picking up some of the area’s famous Craster kippers.

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, then a two-hour guided boat tour might be your perfect Beadnell pastime. Enjoy soaking in the scenic bay views up close, and explore the local bird sanctuaries by boat.

Another Beadnall attraction that’s well worth a visit is the Lime Kilns. Built in 1798 and located within the sleepy harbour, the Beadnell Lime Kilns were originally created to reduce limestone into lime, which was used as fertiliser on nearby fields. Nowadays, the Beadnell Lime Kilns are instead used to house hundreds of lobster pots!

Go Wild With Watersports

Beadnell is right on the North Sea coast, giving it access to some of the best wind and wave conditions in the area. Beadnell Bay, in particular, is known for its consistent winds, which make it a popular spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

The beach is home to a sailing club, which offers training and equipment rental for sailors of all skill levels. Beadnell Bay is also a great place for kayaking and paddleboarding, as the bay is sheltered, providing a great location to explore the local wildlife, as well as giving you a great view of Bamburgh Castle and the Farne Islands. Look out for nesting Arctic Terns, wading birds like redshank, and cinnabar moths, or even a colony of common lizards that reside in the Beadnell Bay area.

water sport in beadnell

Take A Dive Under The Sea

With a rich marine life, Beadnell is a popular spot for diving. The often crystal clear waters offer fantastic visibility, especially during the summer. The waters off the coast of Northumberland are home to a popular dive site called “Knacker Hole”, which is a thriving habitat for a number of diverse species, such as scorpion fish, dog fish and lobster.

It’s also famous for its shipwrecks which, after years under the sea, are thriving with wildlife. The 1941 wreckage of HMS Patia is a particular diving favourite. Here, you’ll find an aircraft catapult vessel that foundered six miles east of Beadnell Point on its voyage to Belfast.

Go For A Scenic Walk

Beadnell is perfect for ramblers and dog walkers looking for a beautiful backdrop. There are miles of idyllic walking routes along the gorgeous coastline. 

One popular walking route is following the well-marked coastal path which offers spectacular views of the North Sea and Farne Islands. The route takes in the area’s many beaches where you can spot seals, seabirds and often dolphins. You can also take a brisk two and a half mile stroll from Beadnell Bay to the charming holiday town of Seahouses. The straight there and back route to Seahouses will take you to some of the best fish and chips in England – a well-deserved reward after a day spent walking. The path is easy to follow and can be walked in sections, so you can choose how long you’d like to walk for.

And that’s not all. Take a little detour to the surrounding area, and you’ll find Bamburgh, a quaint village that boasts snug eateries, and impressive sand dunes – all with a stunning castle backdrop! There’s always somewhere to explore on the north coast of England.

Beadnell beach - Northumberland


Yes! There is a coastal path which runs between the two towns, making it a 3-mile walk along the B1340. You can also walk along the beach for most of the journey – from Beadnell to Seahouses Golf Club, at this point, you can join the coastal path as it weaves into Seahouses village. The stretch of coastline between Beadnell and Seahouses includes beautiful sandy beaches and scenic views of Northumberland’s AONB coastline.

When planning a walk along the beach, keep the tides in mind, as high tides may limit the accessibility of certain areas along the shore. 

Beadnell Bay’s endless sandy beach is well-known. The glorious golden sand curves around the bay, creating a horseshoe shape and a natural harbour. It’s a great place to walk and is dog-friendly, so your pooch can come along too. It’s also popular for those interested in surfing, sailing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing.

You can! Beadnell Bay is known for its diverse marine life and offers opportunities for both sea and shore fishing. Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy activities such as casting off from the shore or going on boat fishing trips. Be sure to check local regulations, obtain any necessary permits, and adhere to sustainable fishing practices to help preserve the marine environment. It’s also a good idea to check with fishing charter services for the latest information on fishing conditions.

Beadnell has a small but active harbour which sits to the south. Fun fact – it is the only west-facing harbour on the east coast! The harbour adds to the charm of the village, providing a picturesque setting where visitors can watch the boats roll in or set sail, or even take part in boating activities.

The timing of high tide at Beadnell varies each day due to natural tidal fluctuations. You should check a local tide chart or a tide prediction app for real-time and up-to-date information on high tide times when planning your trips and activities.

Beadnell Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Northumberland and its bathing water is known to exceed the highest EU standards. It has been rated as ‘excellent’ every year since 2018, bar one. For real-time information, the Safer Seas and Rivers Service app from Surfers Against Sewage provides daily updates on water quality.

Beadnell Beach is known for being dog-friendly and welcomes dogs all year round. However, some restrictions may apply during bird breeding season, for example, where dogs can visit but must be kept on a lead. Visitors are asked to clean up after their dogs to maintain the cleanliness of the beach. For detailed information, you can check the Northumberland County Council Website or download the Northumberland Coast AONB dog walkers’ guidance.

Beadnell is the perfect place for a short stay or week long trip. There’s plenty of fun things to do, and loads of pubs, restaurants and activities.