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Visit Seahouses: A Fabulous Holiday Town Next To a Beautiful Harbour

Seahouses is an idyllic little holiday town next to a quaint harbour. Many people will claim it’s the most popular holiday destination on the Northumberland Coast, and there’s no surprise why. There’s a sheer variety of attractions and things to do in Seahouses. It’s a gorgeous place - here's our guide of things to do and its top attractions.

Seahouses: The North’s Iconic Fishing Village

Seahouses, nestled by the sea, claims the second spot among the most desired coastal towns, just after Tenby in Pembrokeshire. Not only that, but Seahouses proudly boasts its place on the gastronomic map – famous for its fish and chips, with Lewis’s Fish Restaurant a local favourite.

Boat Trips From Seahouses To The Farne Islands

Many people call Seahouses the gateway to the Farne Islands. You can take a boat trip to this island and enjoy so many amazing things while you’re there, you can pre-book a boat ride with Billy Shiel and Serenity Boat Trips, or you can simply book on the day from the harbour. It’s a beautiful place to be and perfect for a day trip. The standout feature is the National Trust’s Inner Farne Sea Bird Sanctuary, which is perfect for birdwatchers.

The Farne Islands is one of the most popular places to see puffins during spring and summer, you might also spot terns and razorbills too. There’s a wide variety of wildlife for you to see and get up close and personal with, such as grey seal colonies (it’s one of the most important seal pupping sites in England!).

A group of puffins on the farne islands

Historic Things To Do In Seahouses

Seahouses is renowned for the story of Grace Darling, the heroic RNLI figure. She, alongside her father, rescued numerous individuals after a shipwreck on 7th September 1838. The local RNLI lifeboat, named Grace Darling, pays homage to her bravery. The fishing legacy endures through Swallow Fish, active in on-site smoking since 1843. Embrace history at The Fisherman’s Kitchen, where fishing relics and fresh catches coalesce. 

walking in seahouses beach

Walking In Seahouses

Seahouses offer a range of delightful walks for outdoor enthusiasts along the 62-mile coastal path. Embark on the Beadnell Village to Seahouses Coastal Walk, easy to pick up from our holiday cottages in Beadnell, for a 2.6-mile stroll along Northumberland’s coastline.  

You can also walk this route in reverse, from Seahouses to Beadnell, if you so wish.

Horse Riding

Seahouses is an excellent place to do a bit of horse riding. There are four riding centres along the Northumberland coast where you can arrange lessons if you’re a beginner. They are Haggerston Riding Centre, Swinhoe Farm Riding Centre, Slate Hall Riding Centre, or Kimmerston Riding Centre. From these centres, you’ll also be able to sort out some treks and even beach rides while in Seahouses. It doesn’t get more romantic than horse riding across a sandy beach while the sun sets in the distance. If you’re not advanced enough for a beach ride, then have no fear, you won’t miss out completely! There are lots of country lanes that you can trot down and view the marvellous scenery and wildlife while you’re at it.

Horse riding in Northumberland
A diver underwater with a seal at the Farne Islands

Diving Off The Coast Of Seahouses

The town of Seahouses is also popular for its great diving locations. One reason is for the many shipwrecks, such as Abessinnia, the German steamship that collided with The Knivestone Rocks, and Outer Farnes. If you’re looking for a dive experience, Sovereign Diving caters to all dive abilities on one of their catamarans.

The water here is phenomenally clear, and you’ll see all sorts of wildlife while you dive. If you don’t fancy some deep-sea diving, then there are also a few shallow-water spots that are just as good. And, don’t be surprised if you run into a stunning Atlantic Grey Seal or two while you’re at it!

Visit Seahouses: The Cycling Hub

The coastline by Seahouses is known for its outstanding natural beauty and elegance. As such, it’s the perfect place for cyclists, and there are lots of great routes for you to cycle down and experience the amazing views.

If you’re an avid cyclist, then we recommend getting down there during the August Bank Holiday weekend, this is when the Great North Bike Ride sets off from Seahouses every year. It will continue along the coast and allow you to see so much of the surrounding area. Definitely, something to do, and it gives you an excuse to visit Seahouses during the summer too!

Seahouses cycling

Seahouses Golf Course

Located on Beadnell Road, there’s an 18-hole golf course at Seahouses Golf Course that’s known for its prestigious par three holes. If you want something more fun, then you can enjoy a crazy golf course too. Whether you’re a keen golfer, an avid birdwatcher, a wildlife enthusiast, or like to get out and about on horseback or in the water, Seahouses won’t disappoint.

There’s so much to do in Seahouses you’ll end up extending your trip to fit it all in! Don’t worry; there’s plenty of accommodation for you to rent in advance too.


Yes, Seahouses has two beautiful beaches. Seahouses North Beach, also known as St. Aidans, connects to Bamburgh Beach and offers stunning views of the Farne Islands. Seahouses South Beach (also known as Annstead) is a smaller beach that stretches from Seahouses Golf Course to Beadnell Village. These beaches are popular with both tourists and locals. They offer great spots for family outings, picnics, and enjoying the coastal scenery. Visitors can also see diverse bird species and large colonies of seals, including the distinctive Puffin.

Yes, both beaches are dog-friendly year-round. North Beach boasts a gorgeous stretch of golden sand with gently sloping terrain and grassy dunes. It extends about three miles. Dogs can freely explore the area, even during the summer when early morning strolls are perfect before the sand heats up. South Beach is a smaller sandy stretch with rocky outcrops and rock pools. It is backed by Annstead Dunes Nature Reserve. This creates an inviting atmosphere for a leash-friendly morning stroll.

Yes, you can embark on a scenic coastal walk from Seahouses to Bamburgh along the beach. The breathtaking views of the Northumberland coastline make this journey a favourite among nature enthusiasts. The walk is approximately three miles so you can catch a bus back or make a day of it!

Driving to Seahouses is a breeze, with some convenient parking options. The most convenient parking spaces are available at The Harbour Car Park, but this fills up quickly. Its location is especially handy for those looking to enjoy a boat trip. It’s just £6 for the day, making it a great option for anyone heading to the town for the whole day. Additional options include Station Yard, with rates from free to £9.50 for the day. And Seafield Car Park which is located behind the Tourist Information Centre in town.

While the Seahouses arcade is a popular attraction, it is advisable to check with each establishment directly regarding their pet policy as some arcades may have restrictions. Checking online or calling to confirm in advance will help to ensure a smooth visiting experience.

There is no longer a train station in Seahouses itself. The most convenient railway stations on the East Coast Main Line are Alnmouth or Berwick-upon-Tweed. From there, you can complete your journey to Seahouses by taking a bus or taxi. While Chathill is the nearest station, located 5 miles away, it has a limited service.

The Farne Islands are positioned midway between Seahouses and Bamburgh, along the Northumberland coastline. They are accessible by boat tours from Seahouses Harbour. These iconic islands are situated at the most easterly point of the ‘Great Whin Sill,’ a volcanic rock formation stretching from Cumbria. They are famous for their diverse wildlife, featuring puffins and seals. To plan a visit, it’s advisable to check with tour operators for the latest tour costs.

Seahouses is famous for its proximity to the Farne Islands, a natural reserve teeming with diverse birdlife and seals. The village also serves as a gateway to the stunning Bamburgh Castle. It offers a quintessential coastal experience with its vibrant atmosphere, seafood restaurants, and captivating views.

There’s so much to do in Seahouses you’ll end up extending your trip to fit it all in! Don’t worry; there’s plenty of accommodation for you to rent in advance too.